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Misconceptions About Prosopagnosia

There are several misconceptions developed around prosopagnosia. In this reading, there will be facts in regards to this neurological condition.

Prosopagnosics' vision is not distorted or blurred. They can see faces.

Prosopagnosia is not about memory issues or learning disabilities.

Prosopagnosia is a neurological condition, and therefore it is not something that can be referred to 'being bad with faces.'

Prosopagnosia is not a form of distraction or not paying attention. It should not be mistaken for ignorance.

The inability to recognise faces does not correlate with how exciting or likable the person is.

Prosopagnosics' have different recognition strategies and they all experience prosopagnosia in varying degree of severity.

This text has been written with the support of prosopagnosics.