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From Prosopagnosics to You

It is always an excellent start to remind/tell your name when you interact with them as they may not recognise you. Also, it may be beneficial to provide a context for how they may know you.

Please keep in mind that, simple appearance changes like haircuts or removal of facial hair, etc., may make it difficult or impossible for them to recognise you.
Therefore, it would be great if you can introduce yourself. And please remember that prosopagnosics are not ignorant.

If you are going to meet with a prosopagnosic, please allow them to pick a precise location and tell them what you are, or will be wearing.

If you are going to a social event with a prosopagnosic, It would be great to offer to assist them recognising and interacting with people.

In the past, some of them have been told things such as "you do not try hard enough to recognise people." These kind of requests are non-sensical as they have been asked to do something that they are not able to. Therefore, please do not approach them with these requests.

This text has been written with the support of prosopagnosics.